How I Work

One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with business owners who love their communities. A tough but important thing to get right in business is nailing down a voice that speaks clearly and meaningfully to a target audience. That's where I come in. I write on topics from a wide range of industries, so I do my research and make sure I have a client's heartfelt approval before a piece makes its debut online or in print. Active communication and conversations about vision are key steps that lead to a final product everyone can smile about. 



When your attention is consumed by the details that keep your business running, blogging may seem like a low-priority area. That's understandable; sitting down to write kind of feels like being back in school. It takes focus, dedication, and precious time. But you're probably on Facebook, right? A blog can act as the foundation for your social media platforms and drives traffic to your website, improves search engine optimization, positions you as an industry leader, and most importantly, strengthens your relationship with your audience.



Whether you live in a town that still likes print, or you're marketing strictly to millennials, an effective ad campaign can do wonders for business. You might be well-established, or maybe you're all hopeful and new to the scene, but you'll always want people to know who you are and what you're up to. Heaven forbid you hear the words, "Oh, they're still around?" As the great writer Caitlin Moran (no relation) says, it's kind of a bummer, chat-wise. The right ad content creates (or maintains) trust and familiarity with your audience using a voice that suits your values. 


Press Releases

Having a grand opening? Celebrating 20 years in business? Partnering with another business to help your community? You should let people know. As of this moment, 80 million people get their news online every day. You deserve to be visible, and though you don't like to brag, your generous donation to that local charity makes for excellent publicity. Your press release may get picked up by one news outlet or five; regardless, you can always add it to your website's News tab so that visitors can see it in all its unabashed glory.


Featured Articles

Sometimes a press release isn't the right tool to deliver a message. An article is more personable than a press release and can successfully build your credibility as an expert in your industry. As long as you have a topic that passes the "So what?" test, a well-written article can make you memorable. A sharp writer keeps things simple while always remembering the almighty search engine. That's right. You can repurpose an article for a newsletter, a mass email to your client list, your website, or your social media business page. Don't have the time or the skills to write well? Hire a writer.