Susanne Brose, CEO
Generation Fresh Foundation + We Are Fresh Kids

Caitlin is an artist and a storyteller. She captures moments and creates magic with her camera lens. When she arrived at our first Kids Day event in June, she was eight months pregnant, camera bouncing around on her beautiful baby belly. Just weeks after her son arrived, she returned to our monthly event, with her sparkle and smile. With the eyes of mother, she connects to children and parents with sensitivity and always, always, a smile. She sees what most people cannot see – deep into the eyes and soul of a person. Her photos have a light, vibrancy, magic so unique to her creativity, talent and spirit. We are so grateful for Caitlin and how thoughtfully she has photographed our joyful memories.    

Amie Borst,
portrait & Family Portrait Client

We recently hired Caitlin for our family portraits. Not only was Caitlin able to make time for our family under extremely short notice but she was adaptable to the very fickle weather conditions. Caitlin helped every member of our family feel comfortable, including those who are camera shy. She captured the essence of our family in her portraits and recreated cherished memories. Caitlin's work isn't just photography; it is art.

Jim Mitchell, Senior Portrait Client

Caitlin was absolutely wonderful to work with. She did a great job letting our son feel at ease in front of the camera. The results were fantastic.

Rebecca Strizzi, FAMILY Portrait client

Thank you so much, Caitlin, for the amazing pictures. My four-year-old does not let many people in, yet you succeeded in capturing his personality perfectly. You did such a great job of winning him over in such a short amount of time that he was disappointed when you left after our shoot. The photos are so natural and beautiful. We will definitely be contacting you again to take more photos of our family as the kids get older.

Ellen Christie, sales + marketing director
Poplar Springs Inn, Spa + Manor House Restaurant

Working with Caitlin has been one of the best investments for our property.  The common idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” is spot on!  Her attention to detail and careful eye have made a significant difference to our business.  Her photography has paired beautifully with our new website and marketing efforts. Our guests even mention they selected Poplar Springs because of the striking images on our website.  We recommend Caitlin to all businesses for photography needs.




Tyler Ross, Portrait & Family Portrait Client

Caitlin's technical skills are exceptional, but it's her intuition and empathy that really define her portraits, I think, allowing her subjects to be comfortable in pursuit of the goal of the shoot. She's photographed my daughter and my wife, and each photo captures them in their authentic selves and it's because Caitlin put my girls at ease, allowing them to be comfortable in what many people find to be an uncomfortable position - being the subject of photography.

With that experience in my pocket, I hired Caitlin to shoot my kids and I for cover art for the podcast, Learning to Dad with Tyler Ross. Though the photo's intended use was professional, it's one of my favorite pictures with my kids for just the same reasons mentioned - it's my kids and me, caught in a genuine moment. Caitlin is a skilled photographer, but it's her thoughtfulness, her caring, her creativity, her ability to allow her subjects to feel comfortable and free, that make her photography special.

Robin Honnick, Senior Portrait Client

A good photographer takes a beautiful picture of her subject; a great photographer makes her subject feel beautiful and captures it in a picture. Watching my daughter open up with Caitlin and allowing her to capture what I so easily see was priceless. What a true gift Caitlin has. She far exceeded any expectations we had. 

Tommy Goodwin, FAMILY Portrait Client

Caitlin is a wonderful photographer! She recently photographed our family and took some tremendous shots that will be keepsakes for a long time to come. Whether posed or more organic, her shots captured the spirit of our family. During the session, she put everyone at ease and was very flexible in going with the flow… which is not always easy to do with a three-year-old and two sets of grandparents! Communication and responsiveness before and afterwards was world class, too. I would highly recommend Caitlin to shoot your next event or family gathering.

Heather Fitzpatrick, family & Senior Portrait client

Caitlin took the most beautiful photographs of my daughters. Our family wanted to capture the love and friendship our girls have for each other before they went off to college. Caitlin did a phenomenal job having the girls just "be" in the sunflower field. It was a unique experience, because Caitlin was both of my daughters' favorite teacher so she was able to make them feel instantly comfortable. I believe her personality is perfect for making anyone feel at ease in front of the camera. I look forward to more family photo sessions in the future as well as business shots. Thank you, Caitlin! The Fitzpatricks love you!