Caitlin's technical skills are exceptional, but it's her intuition and empathy that really define her portraits, I think.

- Tyler Ross

 In the earliest days of parenthood, everything feels so miraculous, fragile and intense. It's as though we live in a safe, dark little cave with our babies for the first few months, marveling at each other and figuring each other out. As babies grow, they reveal these incredible changes in personality, and the mood shifts as we start to feel like more competent parents.

These early moments are so precious yet so fleeting, and as time goes by, hard do remember! The importance of this time in your family’s life can’t be overemphasized.

Whether you want to capture images of you and your little one in the form of lifestyle portraits surrounded by the comforts of home, or you prefer a classic newborn photo look with a soft, clean backdrop, it would be my honor to slow down time for you and give you something to cherish forever.